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Membership Forms


Interested in Goose Lake Association Membership? Click on the above picture to find out more about our membership options.



Looking to buy a new boat or want to add a structure to your shoreline? Make sure to read the current GLA Rules and By-Laws of the association. Click on the above picture to get the most current rules and by-laws.

Rental Forms


Do you have a party or large gathering coming up? Consider renting our hall or a cabana.  Click on the picture above for more information on GLA Rentals.

Committee Reports


Looking for information on our GLA committees? Click on the picture above to find a list and information on our current GLA committees and their reports.

GLA Meeting Minutes


Missed the last association meeting? Click on the above picture to see what you missed and look at the GLA meeting minutes.

Treasurer's Report


Curious on how Goose Lake Association is spending your dues?  Click on the link to read current or past Treasurer's Reports.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

 Safety Data Sheet (SDS) information is being provided as a reference guide for the aquatic herbicides and/or bacteria-based products that may be used within the Goose Lake Association waters to support the Weed/Algae/Sediment Control Program. The information contained in the SDS’s are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency for consumer protection. This information is being provided and can be referenced by any GLA property owner who has any questions related to the specific herbicide and/or bacteria product that will be used to treat our waterways for unwanted plant growth and sediment control as communicated when Water Usage Restriction’s are provided to the affected GLA property owners when lake treatments are being scheduled.