Founded in 1962, Goose Lake HOA serves 635 properties, fishing and campground facilities, three marinas, a clubhouse with full service bar, and much more.
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GLA Board Meeting April 30th at 7:00pm

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Recreation Information • Boat Registration

We have a few rules that apply to boats on our lakes. Please review the rules to ensure you are in compliance. Here is a summary of some of the important things to remember when buying a boat.

Pontoon Boats are limited to an overall length that does not exceed 24 feet 6 inches with not more than two pontoons (tubes). All other watercrafts are limited to an overall length that does not exceed 20 feet as per original boat manufacturer specification and must measure 20 feet or less as measured by the Goose Lake Association. Measurement shall include molded platforms; excludes bolt-on platforms. The maximum overall width of any boat is to be no wider than 9 feet. The following watercrafts are prohibited:

  • Watercraft equipped with inboard rear V-drive engines or equipped with any wake or wake enhancing devices such as, but not limited to ballast tanks, hydro gates, etc. This type of boat is usually called a wake board boat.
  • Cabin cruisers or other boats with enclosed living quarters.
  • Deck Boats
  • Tritoon Pontoon Boats [having three or more pontoons (tubes)]
  • All Watercraft shall be equipped and maintained with an effective below waterline exhaust system.
  • Boats used on Goose and Beaver Lakes shall not be equipped with more than a 10 HP motor. Boats on these lakes are limited to NO WAKE speeds. Pontoon boats are limited to no more than 100 HP on Lincoln Lake.
  • Jet Skis are limited to no more than 130 HP. Operators and owners of jet skis and other like personal water craft shall obey all rules concerning "flow" of watercraft direction and shall not operate in such fashion as to endanger themselves, passengers, or other users of the lake. PULLING OR TOWING OF WATER SKIERS OR PULL CRAFT WITH JET SKIS IS NOT PERMITTED.

If you have any questions, please call the office.

New Boat Information Form