Founded in 1962, Goose Lake HOA serves 635 properties, fishing and campground facilities, three marinas, a clubhouse with full service bar, and much more.
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GLA Board Meeting March 26th at 7:00pm

Easter Egg Hunt Saturday March 31st 1:00pm to 3:00pm

GLA Board Meeting April 30th at 7:00pm

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Committee Reports

Downloads & Documents • Committee Reports

Weed Committee

After the ongoing study of organic weed control reaches the proper plateau, this Committee will develop and manage its own budget and implement the organic control plan developed. Said plan to be implemented only after Board approval and only under the strictest environmental guidelines of the Department of Conservation, Illinois Fish and Wildlife Commission and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. This Committee will work in co-operation with the Fish Committee to ensure areas are set aside for no treatments to support fish habitat. Prior notification of property owners and members in areas to be chemically treated, is the responsibility of this committee.

Go to the Weed Committee Report page for information on treated areas, report from McCloud and information on chemicals being used for weed control.

Safety Patrol Committee

Will patrol and/or schedule contracted personnel to patrol lakes, encouraging a schedule that promotes patrol of the lakes on heavy traffic days and report to the Board on any issue of tickets and disposition of these offenses. This Committee supervises use and repair of patrol boat, reporting to the Board any unusual use or repairs needed. Chairperson and Committee will regularly review status of lake traffic as pertains to number, type and size of boats using the lakes.

Go to the Safety Patrol Report page for Boating Safety Guidelines and Safety Patrol Guidelines.

Shoreline Committee

Will work with homeowners prior to any work touching the water. This includes, but not limited to pier repair, installation of pier or shore station, adding sand or any material, removing material from the shoreline. An approved Permit is required before any work can be performed on homeowner property touching the water.

Go to the Shoreline Committee Report page for Guidelines and Permit forms.

Marinas Committee

Will take water samples as required by the state and monthly lake level readings. This Committee will also be responsible for distribution of buoys in all three lakes and will see that proper signage denoting No Wake areas and danger points in the lakes i.e.: rocks, logs and any dangerous conditions that are identified and posted wherever warranted.

Fish Committee

Responsible for purchase of all fish used in stocking the three lakes and will check with State Conservation Department bi-annually to petition this department to make a study of our lakes re: fish program. This 3 day project requires a conservationist and a member to accompany him, both will be scheduled by this Committee. Chairperson will report findings to the Board prior to budget approval in the year of bi-annual report by conservationist. Committee will, following guidelines of study, purchase fish for stocking, fish food and other programs as approved by the Board that fit within this Committees budget. This Committee will work in co-operation with the Weed Committee to designate fish habitat areas.

The Fish Committee Report page will give you guidelines as to quantities of fish allowed to be removed from the lakes.

Social Committee

Responsible for (three) young peoples parties a year; Easter, Halloween and Christmas. Committee is responsible for completing and presenting special projects/ functions report for each party and will deposit all remaining funds with the Association Treasurer.

The Social Committee Report page will give you information on upcoming GLA events.

Boat Committee

Will have the responsibility of measuring all watercraft making sure they meet the GLA requirements. This Committee will make recommendations to the board as to restrictions of watercraft as new watercraft models are manufactured.

Go to the Boat Committee Report page for quantities of sticks allowed