Founded in 1962, Goose Lake HOA serves 635 properties, fishing and campground facilities, three marinas, a clubhouse with full service bar, and much more.
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GLA Board Meeting March 26th at 7:00pm

Easter Egg Hunt Saturday March 31st 1:00pm to 3:00pm

GLA Board Meeting April 30th at 7:00pm

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To All,

Happy New Year! Hope your holiday season was a good one. The snow is finally here and the ice has covered most of the lakes. Soon I will lace up my skates and see how many times the kids can skate circles around me as I fall.

             North Prairie road had an unexpected bridge closure. The regular inspection on the bridge revealed damage never seen before and forced the bridge to be closed. This type of project is usually planned and budgeted for several years but through the support of Goose Lake township road commissioner Bruce Trotter and Grundy County the bridge will be replaced starting in 2015.

             Two new income items for the year were the cell tower that is in the North West corner of the GLA property and the other item is the gaming machines in the bar. The gaming machines brought in about $26,000 for 2014 to go along with about $15,000 the bar brought in for profit for the year.  

Before you do any work on your shoreline you must first obtain a shoreline permit. This includes any work or modification that is near or touching the water. Even just replacing what you already have or adding something new requires a permit. Remember that this program protects you and gives you valuable information and most importantly protects GLA and our lakes. 

The GLA email blast has proven to be the most effective way to get GLA news quickly. For those of you that don’t receive it, the email blast is an informational email that is sent out to those who have given their email address. The email blast is used to inform of upcoming board meeting agendas, board meeting results, and lake chemical treatments and water restrictions and other GLA news. It has been very successful and I encourage everyone to send in your email address to be added. Ideally we would have all property owners’ email to allow us to use the email blast to send out water restrictions following chemical treatments so that everyone affected will be informed. Please be sure to include your name and address and lot number when signing up for the email blast. The association web site is

We have moved on to Walleye for fish stocking. Remember Small Mouth Bass are catch and release only. In order to protect our fish population I encourage everyone to catch and release all fish but the fish limits are posted at each boat launch.

For boating news, there is a new Illinois law that requires an orange flag to be displayed at all times when pulling skier/tuber or swimmer in the water. That means all times from the time they get out of the boat until they are back in the boat. That is a change from the GLA rule that only required a flag when skier/tuber fell.

Remember the IDNR no longer sends out renewal notifications. This means that you will have to look at your sticker and see when it expires and go to the IDNR web site to renew your decal. This is a three year decal. You will need your IL number on your decal and your boat hull number. Your hull numbers are usually a plate or etched numbers on the rear of the boat. You can use your old registration to get those numbers also.

For Kayaks the DNR sticker is an annual decal.

To round out the boating news, make sure all of your boats have your GLA lot numbers. This has always been a rule and the safety patrol will be issuing citations for not having lot numbers port and starboard.

The Social committee has the Kids Easter egg hunt April 4th from 1-3pm, the Kids Halloween Party October 25th from 2-4pm and the Kids Christmas Party December 13th from 2-4pm.

The annual meeting is September 19th and self-nominating forms are on the GLA web site or available in the office and they are due to the office by July 21st.

Brian Johnson
GLA President