Founded in 1962, Goose Lake HOA serves 635 properties, fishing and campground facilities, three marinas, a clubhouse with full service bar, and much more.
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The following information briefly describes the Goose Lake Association in Grundy County, Illinois and the subdivision it operates in (herein referred to as "GLA"). It is intended to give an overview of of GLA, its membership and operates, subdivision aesthetics, and other information.

Goose Lake Subdivision

Goose Lake Subdivision is approximately a 2000 acre rectangle of land and lakes in unincorporated or "country" area outside of Morris, Illinois. The area falls into both Goose Lake and Felix Townships. This informational sheet is intended to be used for description and clarification of the subdivision that is under GLA.

History of the Area by Goose Lake Subdivision

Note: The following was taken from "Goose Lake Township Centennial, September, 1997," compiled and published by Pete Kodat in September, 1997 and is believed to be true and accurate:

"Sentry Royalty Company, a division of a coal company, sold the entire strip mined land in this area in 1961. A partnership, formed between Robert Drake of Lockport and Duane In-Hout of Gardner, bought 3600 acres of this land. It initially was their intention to develop the area for summer homes and recreational uses.

In 1962, a private swimming and fishing club was established, with members paying a yearly fee. Excavation was also started that year on the channels in Goose Lake Village. In 1963, 83 lots were offered for sale. Robert Drake, who also owned a lumber yard, built the first four houses.

In 1964, lots from 10-100 acres were put up for sale in the area called West Illini Lake. The year 1965 saw the sale of 750 acres to the Rainbow Council for a boy scout camp and the opening of the second unit of Goose Lake Village, consisting of 123 lots. The developers began to realize that many people would want to use the area as year-round housing, rather than summer home/recreational areas, as they had presumed. Duane Int-Hout sold his interests in the Goose Lake Corporation to the Drakes in 1966. Lincoln Lake the largest lake in the area, was opened in 1967 with 73 lots from 1½ to 10 acres of land."

Note: There is a reference to a South Goose Lake Protective Association and West Illini Lake. As these terms are not used today, more research must be done to identify what they refer to. There are possibly 11 subdivisions within the subdivision.

The Subdivision

The area that makes Goose Lake Subdivision under the GLA as we know it now has boundaries as follows: property on the south side of Pine Bluff Road for the north boundary (excluding the residential area west of the GLA beach/campground area), the east side of Jugtown Rd. for the west boundary, the north side of White Tie Rd. for the south boundary and the west side of Goose Lake Rd./Coal City Rd. for the east boundary.

Exclusions to the subdivision: The residential area west of the GLA beach/campground area, the east side of Goose Lake Rd. (Country View Estates), the west side of Jugtown (unnamed area) and Lincoln Lake Estates, some 90 acres which is in the southwest corner east of Jugtown Rd. and north of White Tie Rd.

Goose Lake Association Membership

There are 635 property owners in the Goose Lake Subdivision presently under GLA. They are governed by a Board of Directors made up of 17 property owners. Board meetings are held on the last Monday of the month unless otherwise designated. Board members operate committees such as the Maintenance, Newsletter, Safety Patrol, Shoreline, Weed, Beach, Campground, Bar, and Fish Committees.

Property values range from $80,000 to one million or more. Values vary considerably as to actual lot sizes within the subdivision.

Annual dues and bylaws are voted on by the membership (property owners). Dues are $150.00 a year. Dues cover the costs of GLA operations and support the amenities associated with it such as:

  1. The salaries of an Office Manager, bartenders, lifeguards and caretakers. (Note: The caretakers live onsite in a home provided by GLA).
  2. Contracts for lawn mowing, weed control, and lake patrol.
  3. A website where the public can find information:
  4. A quarterly newsletter that is mailed and posted on the website. The newsletter also carries public service announcements as a courtesy to the area.

Fees for cars, boating, camper decals and permits for shoreline work are extra charges.

Membership is also open to the public under an "open membership" which allows those members use of the campground, beach and fishing areas, but does not grant them voting rights.


Four lakes are in the subdivision: Goose Lake (not to be confused with a lake called Goose Lake that was north of Lorenzo/Pine Bluff Rd. in Goose Lake Prairie State Natural Area), Half Moon (name of the subdivision) Beaver Lake, and Lincoln Lake (the largest and only water skiing lake).

GLA is proud of their lakes and strives to keep them as clean as possible. The lakes are maintained and stocked by GLA, and shoreline permits are issued when any new work is being done. The work is reviewed by a committee to help maintain aesthetics and the natural balance of chemicals in the water as well as to control erosion. Said to be one of the cleanest lakes in the Midwest, Lincoln Lake has a visibility of about 25 feet of depth.

Several marinas where boats can enter the lakes with gate keys are located throughout the subdivision.

Safety is enforced on the lake at the expense of GLA.

Note: Lincoln Lake Estates, a subdivision with 53 properties in the southwest corner of the subdivision, has access to Lincoln Lake. That subdivision has its own Association separate from GLA.

In addition, GLA participates in the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency's, "Illinois Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program" under the Illinois Clean Lakes Program. The following is a description of the program from the IEPA website page under Partners for Conservation:

"There are 3,256 lakes with a surface area of six acres or more in Illinois and more than 87,000 ponds. In addition to being valuable recreational and ecological resources, these waterbodies serve as potable, industrial and agricultural water supplies; as cooling water sources; and as flood control structures.

Lakes serve as traps for materials generated within their watersheds. The trapped material generally impairs water quality and may severely impact beneficial uses and significantly shorten the life of the lake. Suspended and deposited sediments can affect certain lake uses. Excessive aquatic macrophyte (plant) growth and/or algal blooms often result from the addition of nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus. An overabundance of plant life may tend to limit recreational and public water supply usage. Lakes may also collect heavy metal and organic contamination from urban, industrial, and agricultural sources. Dissolved oxygen deficiencies may limit biological habitat or result in taste and odor problems for public water supplies.

Lakes are important resources that will continue to provide beneficial uses only if certain protective and educational steps are taken. In recognition of this need, in 1981, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency established the Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program (VLMP). The program provides a service to the Agency by harnessing the time and talent of citizen volunteers to help gather fundamental information on more Illinois' inland lakes than could otherwise be possible with existing staff. This program also serves its volunteers and the general public by opening a path for citizen involvement with the environment and providing environmental education and outreach opportunities for Illinois citizens to learn about lake ecosystems. This program also serves as a cost-effective method for gathering fundamental information on inland lakes, which ultimately leads to making better lake management decisions."

Results of the lake monitoring that is submitted to this program may be available upon request or found on the IEPA website. Note that Lincoln Lake is considered the second clearest lake in the state, Goose Lake is third and Beaver Lake is the fifth clearest. These ratings are figured on the 170 private lakes in the state who are in the program (out of 3000 lakes total).

The lakes provide world class water activities such as:

  1. Previous state record fishing for walleye. Other fish in the lakes include muskie, northern pike, large mouth bass, crappie, bluegill and catfish.
  2. Water skiing, wake boarding and tubing.
  3. Leisure cruising, sightseeing, and riding personal watercraft.
  4. Birdwatching: goose, duck, heron, cranes, eagles, hawks, kingfishers and others.
  5. Swimming in crystal clear waters.
  6. Winter activities include fishing, skating, sledding, and snowmobiling. There is also a hill designated for sleds and toboggans.

The area is a wildlife habitat for coyotes, several kinds of fox, deer, turtles, groundhogs, possum, raccoons, and other animals.

Unincorporated or "Country" Area

Townships: Both Goose Lake & Felix Township serve the Goose Lake Subdivision.

Schools: All of the subdivision is in Coal City School District #1.

Law Enforcement: The Grundy County Sheriffs Department patrols the area. An officer usually appears at the monthly board meetings with a police report and to answer questions from the board and/or the audience.

Weed control: The grounds and lakes throughout the subdivision are maintained by GLA.

Mail Service: The subdivision uses Coal City and Morris Postal Systems

Garbage Disposal: Members contract out their own garbage disposal. Three different companies service the area: Nuway and Waste Management provide residential service (garbage and recycling pickup), and Allied Waste Services provides roll off service when requested.

Well and Septic: Properties have their own well & septic systems.

GLA Operations

Adjacent to the office are a bar and a hall that are owned by GLA and open to the public. The hall rents for $150 to $300 depending on the day of the week. GLA hosts several holiday children's parties for GLA members throughout the year, and other events for the general public such as New Year's Eve Parties, fundraisers that benefit non-profit groups.

The office is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The phone number is 815-942-4879 and the office fax is 815-942-4865.