Founded in 1962, Goose Lake HOA serves 635 properties, fishing and campground facilities, three marinas, a clubhouse with full service bar, and much more.
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Upcoming Events

GLA Board Meeting March 26th at 7:00pm

Easter Egg Hunt Saturday March 31st 1:00pm to 3:00pm

GLA Board Meeting April 30th at 7:00pm

Goose Bar Events

Hall Rental prices have changed!

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Committee Reports

About Us • Committees

Beach Committee

Tom Morris (chairman) - 815-207-9930

Bar/Hall Advisory Committee

Tom Mosey (chairman) - 815-942-5223

Budget/Wages/Financial Committee

Anthony Sartoris(chairman) - 815-634-2096
Chris Figge
Brian Johnson

Campgrounds/Cabanas/Picnic Areas, Storage, Roads & Toboggan Hill

Tad Muszanski (chairman) - 630-327-7677

Club Rules/By-Laws Committee

TERRY GOMIEN (CHAIRMAN) - 815-416-0409
Brian Johnson

Dam/Spillway/Erosion Committee

JIM ARNOLD (chairman) - 815-585-2378
Jim Papesh
Mike Poeschel

Tad Muszanski

Fish Committee

NICK CONNOR (chairman) - 815-942-0258

Audit Committee

JIM KREBAUM (chairman) - 815-634-4609
Tom Sula

Lake Management & Marinas Committee

Tom Mosey (chairman) - 815-942-5223
Brian Johnson

Lake Patrol Committee

JAMES GRADY (CHAIRMAN) - 815-634-8036

Maintenance Committee

JIM ARNOLD (chairman) - 815-942-4783
Mike Poeschel

Tom Sula

Shoreline Review Committee

CHRIS FIGGE (chairman) - 815-634-0310
Dave Barker
David Rezabek
Ron Hodgen

Social/Playground Committee

TERRY GOMIEN (chairman) - 815-416-0409
Kathy Barker
Marlaina Figge
Lisa Sheedy
Teresa Reichman

Watercraft Review Committee

Dave Barker (chairman) - 815-634-4633
Brian Johnson
Terry Livingston
Dave Rezabek

Weed Control Committee

ANTHONY SARTORIS (chairman) - 815-634-2096
Rich Bulicek
Nick Connor
Craig Herrick